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¡Hey,Fellas,I'm Excited To Show You a New Upcoming Project Called,''Little Spooks'',Where a Young Succubus Called Maggie Bonecake Lives On Underland With Her Father,Jim McDevil,(Better Known As The Devil),a Demon God Who Has a Ghastly Laughter That Shivers In Your Ears,And Maggie Has Friends Like Rabbit Queen,Maria II,a Carnivorous Fruit-Eater Plant,Uncle Freaky,Who's Bonecake's Uncle,Captain Killjoy,a Rotting Undead Pirate,The Puppet Princess,And More,But,Anywho,I'll See You... Next Time,And,Now,I'm Tired...But You Have Been Warned...
Hey,Fellas,I Am Here,And My Stupid Tablet Never Let Me Download On Play Store/Google Play...But,Anywho,Deviantart Is Fun,And I'll Be Drawing More Daily OCs And Even Comic Sketches,But,I Created My Comic,''Demonborn'',Where The Main Protagonists Or Charas Are...¿Guess What?,¡Of Course,They're Youkai,(Japanese Spirits),& Their Names Are,''Kazumo'',(Born From Evil),And Her Twin Brother Shakalo,(Youkai Reborn),2 Ghosts Who Live In Underland In a Fiery Palace Where Impure Ghosts Scream With Their Loving Father,The Mad King,Who Trained To Collect Souls And Become a Deadly Monster,But These Two Obey Him,''Harvesting'', Souls And Even Pure Ghosts For Good,And,Anyway,They Have a Wicked Enemy:The Old Reverend McLousse And a Crew Of Priests From The Land Of The Living/Human Dimension,(Ya Know,These Dumby Priests Are From Father Kain's Bloodline).EVIL Laughter! I love deviantART! Blush ¡But,Dang It,Mommy & Ny Brother Say That I Have a Great Imagination¡,''Rolls Away''.I'll be your huckleberry!   Death 
Hello There,Mary-Chan Here,And I Still Work On My Project Demonborn,And Some Fella Drawers Will Help Me Making Some Parts, Like SeizureDemon,Preciousangelwings,Reshiramu,Lucazzl,Chibi-Tediz,& More,But,I'll Been Busy On That.Love-Flowermoonchan.Giggle Meow :3 Heart Singing Horny! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Flirtatious Handshake Petting is sensual! Blush Fusionrock lolly and his coffee Please Here's a kiss for you, my love! ,¡Or Else I Will Kill You With a Chainsaw,Mwahahahahahahahaha¡Chainsaw .¡But I Have a Cute Side¡Kiss Aww Siamese Twins Mwahahahahahahaha! Glomp! I've got my fingers crossed. Comfort me. :hooray: Pat pat 
¡Hey,Mary-Chan Here¡,If Halloween Comes,I'll Be Drawing Spoopy Stuff And More,But,I Will Be Waiting For That Party To Come... Hehe,And,If Someone Send Me Something Murderous Half Cool,I'll Be Amazed,Like CCH,(Corrupted Creature Hub),Massacre Matt, Or More...But You Have Been Warned...>8D